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Every home’s curb appeal is enhanced by a beautiful landscape. Your choice of ornamental plants, each curve, each creeper, and shrub provides a breath-catching view. Landscaping can be overwhelming if you don’t have the necessary expertise.

We will save you from investing in a disorderly landscape plan by getting the right plants for you and placing them on the right spots. Whether you want to do modern Landscaping or vintage styles with medieval potted plants, we have it all.

If you still don’t have a nice outdoor space, Happy Valley Landscape Pros are a call away. We customize walkways of every client’s choice, landscape lighting water features, and our charges are uniquely tailored to fit every client’s needs.

Get Landscaping near me and save precious time. Our right quality products and our landscape services are reliable and affordable, among other numerous benefits. We also offer free consultation services and commit to visiting premises days before we embark on a project for quality planning. Every client’s needs are unique, and our solutions are available for each need.

A Little Bit About Us!

At Happy Valley Landscape Pros, we are committed to providing the best landscaping services to our clients. We believe in giving each customer the value of their money from our choice of landscaping tools and materials to our well trained and experienced staff.

Our unique landscape designs get us positive customer reviews. Additionally, clients who search for Landscaping near me, Landscaper near me, Lawn care near me and Lawn service near me, find us on top results in search engines. Our services guarantee you satisfactory results.

We understand that your exterior design says a lot about you, so our focus is based on establishing the best lawns, pergolas, and hedges. Our company is the best in Landscaping Portland. We understand soil types and topography. Additionally, we know that each project is different, and therefore we use different approaches in meeting every client’s needs.

We have been in this industry for decades, and every staff member has relevant knowledge in the field. When you hire us, be sure to get quality work in the shortest time possible. After successful Landscaping, we do frequent site visitation to ensure that nothing goes wrong.  

Our experienced team knows the importance of time, so we only work during appropriate hours to avoid distractions from your everyday routine. We are available to work any day anytime.

Contact us now, and your pathways, landscape lighting, water features, and lawn care needs will be sorted perfectly.

Services We Offer In Happy Valley, Oregon!

Happy Valley Lawn Care

Are you a resident of Portland in need of Lawn care near me services? At Happy Valley Landscape Pros, we have the expertise you need. Our well-experienced staff has the ability to turn your wild unkempt yard into a beautiful ornamental garden. For starters, we install a lawn sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn gets its life back through getting optimal water supply. Our professional lawn mowing and hedge pruning services also come in handy when restoring a mishandled landscape.Avoid causing unwanted damage to your garden plants. Our lawn care services are cost-effective since we bring our equipment and chemicals. Consistent lawn care is not always easy for a homeowner to provide. That is where Happy Valley Landscape Pros comes in, we give you a maintenance schedule, and we always show up to do lawn care practices on the due dates. Your home curb appeal stays in check since we do timely edging, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, sprinkler system winterization, weed removal, and tree pruning, all in the effort of keeping your home radiant. Invest in our professional lawn care services today if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and let our technicians do it for you.

Happy Valley Walkways/Pathways

Landscaping Happy Valley designers have the expertise you need for commercial and residential walkways and pathways. We use hard, paving materials that enhance durability. Tracks are made from water-resistant materials. Thus you save on capital in the long run. Whether you prefer straight or meandering walkways, just say the word, we deliver exactly that! We do formal and informal walkways; both provide your clients with a chance to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Every outdoor is considered before designing the paths. We choose the best plants to accompany the walkways. When designing your walkways, we always consider your taste and preference. If you like a natural look, we use more pavers and less concrete and vice versa for a more modern look. We do regular walkway maintenance routine practices for a flat charge. A nicely done landscape pathway will always enhance the beauty and elegance of your home. Guide your visitor's ways from one structure to another and through the entire yard. Every walkway creates a unified look to the whole landscape. It also enhances all the aspects of the exterior home. Are you looking for a landscaper near me? Happy valley landscape is the right one for you. Book your appointment to get a professional visit to your home, come up with a design, and provide an estimated budget for your needs. Get the best services from the experts.

Happy Valley Landscape Sprinklers

Do you want the perfect lawns and beautiful landscapes? A modern sprinkler system is not a high-end luxury product. It’s pretty affordable. And, the benefits gained from installing a sprinkler system outweigh any initial cost invested. 

Installing a modern sprinkler irrigation system can take away a lot of the common headaches associated with trying to maintain your Happy Valley lawn and landscape, such as having to manually water your lawn.

In addition, installing a water sprinkler system is not only appealing but also cost-saving.

The amount of water needed is much less when compared to manually watering. Thus, having the automated system and having different sprinkler heads will allow you to match the exact quantity of water needed by the plants and grass.

Irrigation systems ensure that your grass is green throughout the year. Moreover, the in-ground automated systems can be programmed to deliver specific amounts of water at particular times. It doesn’t matter whether you are out of town; your system will operate as programmed. 

The good thing about installing an in-ground sprinkler system is that they are permanent and less prone to damage since they are underground. 

Many modern sprinkler services also come with a winterization package and warranty options if that is needed.

Last but not least, if you care for your Happy Valley property value, then installing a sprinkler system can  significantly boost the value.

So, get hold of us and get a customized modern sprinkler / irrigation system for your Happy Valley property today.

Happy Valley Landscape Lighting

Nothing glows better than an illuminated lawn. Flower beds look heavenly when highlighted by garden lights, and your home feels warmer, cozier and more welcoming to you and your guests. After helping you establish your lawn and garden plants, we will go ahead and install outdoor lighting of your choice. Your outdoor partying and barbecuing will never be the same again. Whether you want dim, romantic lights or bright lights for when your kids go out to play in the night, we offer Landscaping services. Imagine a well-lit garden with hydrangea and chrysanthemums! Epic right? When installing lights, we choose the most attractive ornamental plants to match the lighting. By placing each outdoor light strategically in the yard, we bring out the beauty of your landscape, which gets better during the night. These lights are useful in guiding people from the main door to the pool or the basketball pitch without stepping on the grass and other creeping plants. The whole idea is showing off the beauty of your outdoors, letting yourself be taken away by nature's beautiful colors. For clients in the real estate business, we are here to help you escalate the value of your property. A beautiful landscape gives an immediate return on investment. A better number of people looking to buy a home, check for outdoor lighting as part of ornamental Landscaping. Its time you hired us to illuminate your home.

Happy Valley Water Features

To enhance the beauty of your garden, we install water features in your yard. Some clients prefer flowing water for soothing white noise, and others prefer back yard or front gate fountains. There are water features to suit every garden style. Imagine relaxing on your backyard chair swing, watching a duck and its ducklings swimming in the pool, Rejuvenating, right? Our staff will help you design a water garden with lilies and other mysterious color-changing water plants. We use innovative designs to bring out a flawless water feature in the garden by ensuring there is a balance between dry land and the part occupied by water. We promise that our work will bring value to your property, whether you add several tiny fountains or one central ornamental pond. We provide vast water designs for residential and commercial structures. An Outdoor aquarium can get messy if you make it a DIY project. However, if you hire a professional Landscaper near me, you will get one installed. Additionally, we provide maintenance services for water features to prevent water leakages and stagnation in unwanted areas. For waterfall lovers, we have the necessary skills needed to build you one in your beautiful garden. We have provided our services to several golf clubs who highly recommend our captivating landscaping skills. Anytime you need a water feature constructed in your yard, contact us for a reasonable quotation and perfect service delivery.

Landscaping Service Areas

Happy Valley Landscape Pros services all the Portland Metro area. Even though our home base is Happy Valley we do also service: Wilsonville, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Gresham, Clackamas, Troutdale, Sandy, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Tigard, and Tualatin. We are willing to travel to any job being residential or commercial landscaping. We look forward to you giving us a call so we can provide a quote on your landscape project. (503) 536-0977

Why Work With Us?

We provide professional consultancy

Often, DIY landscaping projects may backfire on you. This problem can be avoided if you seek guidance on landscape designs, ornamental plants for your area, irrigation, and feeding methods for your lawn and other essential aspects. If you need an outdoor transformation, consulting us should be your first step.

We provide different landscaping designs and ideas so that you can choose the fits your preference best. However, if you already had an established lawn  and you find it chaotic, we are here to rectify it for you.

✅We use quality materials and tools

Working with us converts your project into a lifetime investment since we only use quality materials like plant propagates, irrigation system materials like sprinklers, pavers, pipes, among others. We also do follow-up checkups to check the quality of our work, and our services are cost-efficient yet effective.

✅We help you save money

Once you hire  Happy Valley Landscape Pros for your Landscaping services, you will not need to buy equipment to carry out landscaping procedures. Our company is well equipped with tools and other necessary resources that we bring to your home when the need arises. We work on a planned budget to ensure that you don’t experience financial constraints.

✅Our services are efficient

Our staff doesn’t require monitoring to deliver. We have amazing values that guide our work to bring out perfect results. We observe deadlines and follow the  homeowners instructions to the T. We value our clients and always put their needs first!

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I live in West Linn, Oregon, and I just completed the construction of my home. Four months ago, I hired a Happy Valley Landscape Pros to do my landscaping design on the eighth-acre outdoor garden. Two months down, and the grass is ready for mowing! I love the vigor of the lawn plants. The backyard pond is already attracting birds. The water lilies they established in the pond are blossoming, and I can't help loving the view. I will still hire them for my next projects.
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Water Feature
I hired Happy Valley Landscape Pros, and I don't regret my decision. I have always done my lawn maintenance, but not once have I seen it looking this appealing. My Sheena's gold fence was pruned and edged. No more weeds are climbing on my pergolas. I decided to use a Lawn service near me, and I'm impressed by my decision. I was hoping to get the value for my money, but this company exceeded my expectations. I am grateful.
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Mercy Lynn
Lawn Service
All I ever needed was a beautifully landscaped home. When I bought my house, the exterior was covered by a ceramic tile floor. At first, I had no problem with it until I started craving my previous home's lawn. I needed help getting rid of the floor and replacing it with live ornamental plants. I found Happy Valley Landscape Pros who redesigned my exterior home into a beautiful landscape in no time. I call this talent!
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Landscape Maintenance
An incredible landscape is ornamental to your home. Accomplish your budget with little hustle involved. Let your good quality home standards speak for you. Partner with us and bring impact to your beautiful home.
Our services are available for clients living or owning properties in West Linn Oregon, Oregon City Oregon, Wilsonville Oregon, Portland Oregon, Lake Oswego Oregon, Gresham Oregon.  
We have an option for everyone and we are here to help complete your home appeal desires. Make your call today at  (503) 536-0977 because Happy Valley Landscape Pros is for you!